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Thank you for visiting ELM! If this is your first time, we'd love to get to know you. 
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Your First Visit

Where do I park?

Our English service meets at the same time as the Korean service so parking at the church can get pretty crazy.  We encourage you get to the church about 10-15 minutes before service to get the best parking spot you can.  There should be friendly volunteers who direct the flow of the traffic into the church.  As you enter the parking lot, please do drive safely and slowly as there are children and the elderly. 

What should I wear?

Please dress comfortably and casually!  Our church is not a country club where a certain dress attire is expected and required.  However as an appropriate warning, you will see people walking around in suits and other formal attire (please do not feel intimidated!!!) because the Korean ministry members dress more formally and our ELM pastors do so as well in respect to the Korean ministry. 

What can I expect?

We desire to lift high the name of Jesus as we gather as broken people and sinners to come and adore the Savior.  You can expect praise songs that celebrate the wonderful character of God, the mighty work of Jesus on the cross and response songs of thanksgiving and worship for the finished work of redemption that Jesus has accomplished for us.

We recite the Apostles Creed, not as some mystical remnant of old religious services, but as a way of declaring what it is we believe as we stand as a church in the 21st century.  This creed unites us to orthodox churches both across the globe and across history. 

Also central to our service are Christ-centered and grace-saturated sermons that are based on a particular passage of the Bible.  If you are new and don’t own a Bible, there will be a black hardcover one in front of you.  Please feel free to take that Bible home with you as our gift to you.   

Do you observe the sacraments?

There are two sacraments that we observe.  They are the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.  Here at ELM we observe the Lord’s Table once a month, typically on the last Sunday of each month.  Baptism is held at various times through the year. 

Is there child care?

Yes we do!  Please see the tab under “Connect” for more information.