Small groups are at the heart of our ministry here at ELM. Our shepherding structure is organized into three group called Covenant (married couples), Providence (young adult singles), and Salt and Light (college-age group).  Each group is further divided into small groups that are central to our ministry in order for believers to develop deep and intimate relationships with God and his people.  

These small groups meet weekly at various times and in various locations to study God's Word, meet in prayer and grow in the gospel.  

  • Couples Group A (Friday Evenings) 
  • Couples Group B (Friday Evenings) 
  • Couples Group C (Friday Evenings) 
  • Couples Group D (Friday Evenings)
  • Singles Group A (Wednesday Evenings)
  • Singles Group B (Thursday Evenings)
  • Singles Group C (Friday Evenings)
  • College Group A (Wednesday Evenings)